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About Eagle Rock Timber

With a pickup and chainsaw Rick Gokey set out to make his mark in the business world. He established Eagle Rock Timber in 1976.

Rick started business harvesting, transporting, and selling firewood in Pocatello, Idaho Falls, and surrounding areas. In 1988 he purchased 10 acres where he set up home and office. He acquired additional equipment and a few forest service contracts clearing timber for roads. In 1990 he met Karen Harmer and together they continued to build the business. They continued working in the timber industry and ventured into the construction field building forest roads and campgrounds.

Since inception, Rick and Karen have taken Eagle Rock Timber deeper into the construction industry. The company has expanded from roads and campgrounds to bridges, demolition, water and sewer systems, heavy transportation, commercial buildings and remodels, design builds and construction management.

Rick and Karen have truly built Eagle Rock Timber from the ground up. Over the years, they have added qualified and dedicated people to their team making Eagle Rock Timber the well rounded and diverse general contractor it is today.